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Why are we here?

There are so many ways to answer this question.  Some are philosophical, abstract, and profound answers.  However, my approach is not complex or intellectual at all.  It is simply because I LOVE BEER!  Everything about beer is wonderful to me.  I love the way it smells,  the wonderful different flavors and also it’s effect as a social lubricant.  Really though there is so much science behind beer and I find that intriguing.  It’s definitely not all about the beer.  There is so much more to it than just getting drunk.  How beer is brewed, the atmosphere it is served in and how it is served are all a huge part of the experience.  So, that is the real reason for all of this effort.  The galaxy is filled with Micro-Breweries, Brew Pubs, Beer Bars and Home Brewers.  My job here is to help inform, educate and share my experiences with my fellow travelers.

Where are we going?

This trip will start close to home because this is where my love and knowledge of beers bloomed.  Then we will travel the rest of the beer galaxy to find out more about what is out there.  My goal is not only to give my opinion and experiences.  I want to offer a point of view from the average customer.  However, I am also here to educate others about history, advances and news in the beer and brewing world. Of course I plan to share other travelers stories and experiences as well.

Who is The Hop Head?

Like many of you I simply have a love of craft beer and brewing.  My journey started about 18 years ago when a close friend and I wondered into a brewery/restaurant in Arkansas. After finishing a 2 day hike through the Ozark mountains we were thirsty and ready for a beer. We explored new styles and flavors that we had never really tasted before. While we sat there I stared at the brewing equipment and just wanted to know more. Since that time I have moved to Colorado, worked in brew pubs, beer bars and brewed beer as well. For me it is not just a hobby…I truly love beer and all that is behind the process. So, join me as I learn more, educate others, and share my experiences in this giant galaxy of beer we live in.

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